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We are so happy you could drop by today! Maybe you're here to learn. Maybe you're here to share. Maybe you're here for both! 

Regardless, we're happy you are here! 


We are the broderick's! Raising Katahdin hair sheep, Kunekune pigs, family milk cows, loving nature, AND sharing happiness. 

We are a family ranch dedicated to shepherding our flock and sharing our blessed mess. Join us as we all learn and grow together!

Maybe it's about sheep, maybe its about kunekune pigs, having a family milk cow or livestock guardian dogs, maybe it's about life in general - regardless of the "maybe" you are sure to be laughing either with us or at us as we navigate this thing we all call life. 

From country-bumpkin, to city-slickers, to shepherds - and so much in between, the roads to our here and now have been one for the books. 

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Farming and Ranching come with a large and sometimes steep learning curve. Although we had basic knowledge when starting this journey, we still had much to learn (and still do). Maybe our "lessons learned" can be your "hard times avoided".

Did you know: Ketosis is a imbalance in energy levels brought on by lambs growing rapidly and requiring more energy from momma ewe? And pregnancy toxemia is directly connected to a reduction in calcium? 


One sure way to lose every last one of your livestock is by not knowing the signs of parasite infestation in your flock. To know the signs you need to know your livestock. To know your livestock you need to be hands on.