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The Farmhouse on Persimmon Hill is dedicated to raising top parasite resistance and maternal abilities in our registered Katahdin Hair Sheep flock.  Gentleness, kindness, and hardiness all in one beautiful sheep you're sure to love.


We're ready to support you along the way!

Most people may think farm animals only need food, water, exercise and clean shelter. But we believe essential oils should be added to the list of must have’s as they can benefit you as the farmer and your animals, too!

So, now it's time to grab something to sip on, a note pad, and dive into learning about essential oils for our animals. 

Maybe essential oils are new to you or maybe you are a long time veteran of using EO’s and just want more knowledge for your toolbelt - no matter your reason, I’m so glad you’re here. 

In this class you will learn vital information that you can take and begin using right away to improve the lives of your farm animals, right away. 

You'll have a tack room full of ideas, tips, and safety approved recipes to help you support your...

- Chickens
- Cows
- Sheep
- Goats
- Horses
- Pigs
- Pocket Pets
- Pregnant Livestock
- Family Milk Cows


How to keep the barn and surrounding areas clean 
Safety tips for your animals 
Recipes for every day use 

....and so much more! 

Can I get a  discount?

Yes! In fact, if you are on my essential oil team already - I have a discount code for you. 

Another way to get 50% off your course is to open your own account with me and you will have access to this course and all courses to come at a discount! 

When does the class start?

The class starts right now! You can start today and finish today or take as long as you need. You have lifetime access to the class! So you decide when to start and when to finish. 

How long do I have access to the class?

You have lifetime access! You can come back whenever you'd like and go over the material as often as you'd like as well. The choice is up to you! 

Can I ask questions? 

Yes! Absolutely. You can message us anytime you'd like with your questions. We are here to support you!

so you're ready to learn a bit more?

**Coming SOON!!**

Get started now! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your instructor

I have loved essential oils for over 9 years and used them daily ever since. When we became farmers by somewhat of an accident, we fast learned the importance of proper management and the need for all the tools in our tool box. Essential oils play a vital role in the success of our farm and in the health of our animals. I'm so happy to share what we have learned and how you can start today in using natural products to support your farm animals. 

Timothea Broderick



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Farming and Ranching come with a large and sometimes steep learning curve. Although we had basic knowledge when starting this journey, we still had much to learn (and still do). Maybe our "lessons learned" can be your "hard times avoided".

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