I'M tia! free-range kid mom, Married to my best friend, ewe doula,  AND life mentor

hey, you!

I'm a bit of everything all rolled into one. If you call the farm, you'll likely be speaking with me. I run the ins and outs of our farm along side my other half and muscle of the opporation, Ryan. With a background in veterinary medican, life-schooling, mentoring women through life's challenges, real estate, and countless other odds and ins - I believe in education and being fully flexible to where God calls you. 

And it just so happens that we were called to Arkansas and by "happenstance" we became sheep ranchers.

(Like honestly, this was never in the plan!) 

Yet, here we are living and loving it and striving to raise top parasite resistant Katahdin Hair Sheep with outstanding maternal abilities. Gentleness, kindness, and hardiness all in one beautiful sheep you'll absolutely love. We sure do!

Enough about me, allow me to introduce you to the more handsome side of this pair, my husband, Ryan. 

Ryan's the name, getting it done is the game!

husband to an awesome wife, dad to the best kids,  AND retired army vet

If it needs done and it involves the tractor or hay equipment - I'm the one out there. Like Tia mentioned, Sheep ranching fell in our lap. Tia grew up in this area but we had no intention of ever living in Arkansas. 

Cutting through the story, we ended up moving to Arkansas after our house was in a wildfire in southern colorado. We bought a farm that had once belonged to a family that Tia knew and we were gifted a Katahdin lamb ram that was a bottle lamb. He needed friends. 

The rest is history and here we are, truly enjoying this life God has blessed us with. 

I always had an interest in farming but it never was really in our cards until moving to Arkansas. I love it. We are always busy and have found so many ways to serve others through our farm that I can't imagine a better life. 

When Tia or the kids need a little extra brute force to fix something, I'm there. If someone needs hay brought to their home, a fence fixed, or livestock worked, I'm on it. 

I'm excited to see how God continues to use our farm!

P.S. this is maggie may...one of our oreganl ewes and still my favorite. Shh don't tell the other girls. ;)

The free-range farmhands

They come in three's and they don't come quietly. Sweet to the core and often needing motivation to get out the door and in the muck of it all. 

They are keepers - Mariella, Owen, and Ariannah. 

Their pay varies and comes in the form of meals provided, a safe and warm place to lay their heads at night, with a foundational homeschool curriculum to boot. 

They are in training, but so far...We'd say they are doing great at their jobs on this farm. ;) 

Check out the flock!

 shameless & timely motivation is always welcome.