Some have parties for fun, some go shopping, some read a great book... 

We hang out with our homies! They Baa, Moo, Oink, and cluck...All the time! But we think they are the best of company! 

Our homies

We have several "main stars" on the farm, read on to see why we love them and what roll they play on our farm and ranch.

Meet Gertie and Clara Bell.

Our Bovine Beauties!
They are our family milk cows.

Gertie is a 4 year old Jersey/Angus cross who is an exceptional momma cow. When crossing a dairy breed with a beef breed of cattle, you tend to have less issues with milk fever, etc. as well as her calves have larger bones and grow out wonderfully to become some else's family milk cow or to feed families! 

Gertie Bell is a sweet girl who hasn't always been a family milk cow, but if you ask me, she's pretty happy to share her milk if it means yummy treats. ;) 

Clara is our bottle baby, and forever will be. She is well beyond needing a bottle but she is the sweetest "puppy dog" there ever was. 

Clara Bell is full jersey and was born on 3/25/22 and has been with us since she was less than two weeks old. 

Once she reaches two years we will "hopefully" be expecting our first calf from her and begin our milking journey together. She will be so great! 

Meet the farm animals

Clara Bell

Gertie Bell

Our feathered friends!

These chickens, ducks and turkey, y'all...they follow us around the yard, the kids carry the little silkies and if you holler just a little louder then normal, they come running at the off chance that you have treats. They are so dang cute! 

Now, the ducks are likely one of Ryan's least favorites on the farm and that is because we let them free range all the time. They go in his shop...that's a no, no. ;) 

Otherwise, they are wonderful for bug control and are honestly just fun to watch. They are meat birds, but we choose not to eat them, but know others that love the flavor! And we all love their eggs! Rich, and yummy! 

The Guineas are our pest control, they work wonders on ticks and snakes that might linger around. 

Our dogs stay clear of ticks due to the guineas roaming and tending to the yard and fields. 

The Breakfast makers

Chickens, ducks, Guineas, and turkey

The sheep and pigs

The grass burners

Our horses...otherwise called "grass burners" by my husband. ;) They eat all the time, and have no job on this farm other than pure and utter enjoyment by myself (Tia) and the kiddos. We absolutely love having our horses and riding when we have the moment. They are therapy at it's finest for me! 

We have taken in rescues, kill pen saves, and have our boys that we moved to this farm with. Some have come here as their last landing place and to retired, and some have come here with dreams - all are loved and adored.

The guardians

These guy's work hard on this farm. They keep all of their livestock safe from predators that lurk in the night. 

When you are raising livestock that is a prey animal, you need a line of defense to care for your livelihood on the front lines. And these boys - they love their animals and watch over them, day and night.  



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